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The Presentation of the Bride

The Presentation of the Bride The Wedding Procession of the bridesmaids is followed by the Maid of Honor, flower girl and ring bearer who make their way down the aisle to where the ceremony will take place. Perhaps Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel or Air on a G String by Johann Sabastian Bach will accompany the Bride on her memorable walk down the aisle. As the officiant, I announce to the guests, “Ladies and gentlemen please stand for the entrance of the Bride” or when more formal words seem appropriate, “P lease be upstanding for the Bride. ” It’s quite dramatic when a door opens wide to give guests their first glimpse of the bride in her splendid white gown and delicate veil with her escort, her father or perhaps her mother or both, or maybe a person the bride has chosen to have the honor of presenting her for marriage. It’s an emotional moment, often provoking anxiety, tears, ear-to-ear smiles and deep feelings of hope and love. The officiant has a perfect view of the