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Our Brides Are Beautiful

Our Brides  A re Beautiful   Bill and I are always  awestruck by the  beauty of the bride s we marry .  Our  brides are truly beautiful. They appear “angelic” in the ir  bridal gowns. We believe the elegance and beauty of our brides is  due to  not what they wear, but rather  diffuses from  their  joy and  poise; there is an unmistakable aura that surrounds every bride. There is a sense of presence – th is  transfiguration is palpable when the first note of the processional music sounds.       The white wedding gown is a rather recent tradition. Brides of the Victorian period wore white as a reflection of their privileged background. Those who were wealthy enough could  afford to  wear a white dress for  just  one day .  The association of white with purity has relaxed  over the years . Now the color is primarily associated with the wedding celebration.   The gown’s train is an extension of the presence of the bride, leaving an aura of grandeur in her wake. Tr