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Weddings At Home: Part One

Wedding s   at  H ome :  Part  One       Throughout the year ,  Bill and I perform wedding s not only in  particular public venues  but also in  private  homes  and residences .   It could be the bride ’s  or groom’s home,  the  parent ’s   home,   a  grandparent’s  condo  or a rented ho use  in the Hamptons.   Weddings in  a  ho me  are  among our most memorable.  I will write another blog on this topic , but at this time I would like to describe  two theme weddings that  B ill and  I  performed in the homes of couples we married.     In this  first  wedding story t he bride and the groom were both divorced  and between them they had six children.  It was  Halloween , the perfect day  for  a  theme  wedding!  The  inside and outside of the  house  were  decorated  appropriately , from real jack-o ’ - lantern  to ceramic ghosts  and  goblins. The  bride had  amassed  a huge collection of Halloween  nick knacks  over the years.     The  bride and groom ,   cost