It Is An Honor to Perform Your Wedding Ceremony

It is an Honor to Perform Your Wedding Ceremony

Bill and I, as Marriage Officiants, have the honor of performing weddings in New York State and New York City and beyond.  Bill is a Retired Judge and I am a Former Village Mayor, but we are also recognized as Ministers, qualified to perform religious and faith-based wedding ceremonies in addition to civil wedding ceremonies.  When the Bride and Groom surf the Internet to find a qualified Marriage Officiant to perform their wedding ceremony, they encounter a variety of titles and positions, including justice of the peace, judge, justice, town/county clerk, mayor (government officials), commissioner, minister, celebrant, clergyman or clergywoman, rabbi, nondenominational, interdenominational and interfaith minister, priest and more. Note that marriage laws spell out the requirements to qualify to be a Marriage Officiant, and these vary from state to state and city to city nationwide.

No, Bill and I did not go on the Internet and magically become ordained ministers by filling out forms and paying a fee. We attended and graduated from The New Seminary in Manhattan.  After two years of study we were ordained at Synod House, St. John the Devine.  As interfaith ministers we are empowered to perform wedding ceremonies and other ministerial duties. In New York City we registered with the NYC Clerk’s Office and were designated our own official identification numbers.

We decided to study for the ministry because we observed that the men and women planning to marry represented many different cultures, backgrounds, faiths, religions and beliefs.  We wanted to learn more about the different faiths and religions of the world and wanted to create appropriate ceremonies for couples who believe in God and, or have different faith-based systems.  And for couples who request civil or non-faith-based wedding ceremonies as a personal preference, we are duly qualified to create and perform ceremonies that reflect their wishes. Our primary mission is to meet with our Brides and Grooms and work together with them to craft a wedding ceremony that is appropriate, beautiful, genuine and sensitive to their wishes.

There are situations that arise concerning marriage ceremonies that cause couples to become confused and anxious.  Such situations may involve religious teachings or circumstances related to the marriage ceremony itself.  In these cases, we meet and discuss the issues and give counsel, but we don’t make decisions for couples.  We have found that many Officiants do not have the knowledge to guide couples who need critical information to enable them to make their wedding day plans. For example, legitimate Roman Catholic priests can only marry couples in a Roman Catholic Church – not in a garden under a tree or at a fancy venue.  Knowing this fact, may influence a Catholic couple’s plans to be married at the venue where the reception is to be held.

As Wedding Officiants we are prepared to help each couple make their wedding plans and to perform a ceremony that is beautiful, dignified and fitting.  We want every Bride and Groom to have a stress-free, memorable wedding day, the heart of which will forever hold their lifelong promises to each other.


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