Wedding Bell

The Wedding Bell
Love is true,
Love is kind,
Love is honest, glorious and divine,
When the wedding bell tinkles
Kiss!  Kiss!  Kiss!
The Sweet Tinkle of a Wedding Bell

Wedding ceremonies make a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of wedding guests. Regardless of how modest or elaborate the wedding day plans may be, the wedding ceremony is the most cherished aspect of the occasion.

Inserting a special ceremony within the wedding ceremony can be the perfect way to make the day even more memorable, unique and visually beautiful.  The Unity Candle Lighting or Unity Sand ceremonies, the Rose Presentation, the Asian Red Thread or the Jumping the Broom ceremonies and others can be easily included and/or adapted to your wishes.

A wedding is an occasion when we seek to satisfy our senses – sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing. That is why I love my Wedding Bell Ceremonies. When the silver bell first arrived at my office, I was delighted with how pretty it looked and that its delicate ring was so appropriate for a wedding.  Many couples select tiny wedding bells as reception favors for their guests. Tinkling commands the Bride and Groom to kiss. Historically, church bells have welcomed a multitude of Brides and Grooms to seal their marriage vows. In New Zealand there is a company that has a vehicle for hire equipped with a Wedding Bell housed in a small church-like steeple.

Being sentimental and a traditionalist, I have created a variety of ceremonies/rituals I derived from an Irish Wedding Bell legend, but my ceremonies aren’t spoiled by talk of arguments the couple may have in the future. Instead, I’ve incorporated the Wedding Bell as an announcement of the couple’s intention to share a lifetime of happiness and love.  

In a recent touching Remembrance Bell Ceremony we arranged for a large and loud hand-bell to toll three times just before the Bride’s entrance. This was done in memory of the Bride’s father who passed before having the honor of presenting his daughter in marriage.

The Wedding Bell Ceremony begins with the Bride and Groom inviting a young boy or girl to be the Wedding Bell Ringer (not the ring bearer). The Wedding Bell is tastefully incorporated into the ceremony, processional and recessional. Verses are selected for the ceremony, and these may vary. When included, the tinkle of the Wedding Bell, adds a sweet, delicate, unique aspect to what will be part of a memorable wedding day. The Bell Ringer rings the Wedding Bell during the processional and recessional. In some weddings another child accompanies the Bell Ringer holding a sign that reads “Here Comes the Bride” and on the flip side reads “Just Married.”   

Whether the Bride and Groom select a Wedding Bell Ceremony or one of many other special ceremonies available, it will surely add joy, delight and treasured memories to a couple’s wedding day.


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